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Upcoming tours

Posted 19 Nov 2011 in News

Jeneda and Clayson are currently working as a duo with  Bass and Drums while Klee is on hiatus. Their sound and vocals are just as powerful and energizing  with the same messages.. The reviews have been fantastic and Jeneda and Clayson are looking forward to upcoming performances. Please go to www.sihasin.com for upcoming tour dates and new music

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  1. questions... (28 Nov 2011, 7:27)

    Is Klee really on hiatus? I heard that he requested time off due to conflicts over issues that the rest of the band is ignoring?

  2. Seax (20 Mar 2012, 0:14)

    I just found out about Blackfire while surfing YouTube, and gods, you guys are amazing! As a Scandinavian Pagan of many years, it’s really hard for me to connect with even other white Americans (I have better luck with Euros) most of the time. But I’ve always had some internal draw to Native things. And your tunes are brutal, beautiful, and haunting.

    We would love to have you in Columbia, Missouri, if you’re ever wanting to show. The Blue Note is the main/largest venue, but EastSide Tavern has a lot of rock, punk, metal and indie stuff passing through most of the time. There’s a few other places that would probably welcome you as well.

    Rock on, Native cousins. -Seax

  3. vince (07 Apr 2012, 14:25)

    hey friend it will being a pleasure if you accept to come play in sainte foy in” lechai” you can meet my daugthers…
    Nina and me working to be good’s dad and mum … in this crazy world we work too for stay Free… And stay silencious but we have all day a lot off spirit for us and hope since a long time see a mail with a “good” news in the box…
    see you soon people coming!

    • blackfire (09 May 2012, 2:59)

      Hi there
      Please email me more info at tacoho@blackfire.net where is Sainte Foy it may be possible

  4. Sandra Lehmann (22 Apr 2012, 19:58)

    Greetings to Klee! I were happy to see you again in Radebeul/Germany. I think it will be a great Time again since 2008. Lets rock!!


  5. koda (07 May 2012, 18:53)

    with everything that’s now going on politically… so called (water rights) to the dine’ and hopi tribe(land)… we need you Blackfire!!! sincerely from me your brother Edge Water Clan.

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