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Celebrating 20 Years!

Posted 31 Dec 2009 in Feature


BlackfireOn new years 1989/90 we played our first show. We have grown a lot with and through our music and we want to thank everyone who has grown with us. In this new year we plan on finally releasing our acoustic album, touring through Europe and parts of the U$ (and anywhere folks will help bring us) and more…

We are excited to have released our first vinyl record! Titled “Anthology of Resistance”, it includes includes 12 tracks that represent our work. It is currently available in Europe with the help of the French punk label Mass Productions. Look for a North Amerikan release soon!

And by the way, welcome to our new website! Please leave a comment with us if ya like it. Its under serious construction so there’s a few bugs… well be fixing them and adding more content in the next few days.


– Klee

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